Who We Are

Verum Victum is a group of companies that are developer led and have UK and European interests. The business has current projects in a number of sectors including residential, retail, healthcare and burial.

Verum Victum Healthcare specialises in developing supported housing provision. Our aim is to provide high quality accommodation solutions for vulnerable adults working in partnership with Local Authorities (LA), Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG), Registered Providers of Housing (RP) and Domiciliary Care and Support Providers.

Our housing provision is all purpose built or remodelled buildings designed to enhance a persons’ independence with their daily living.

Verum Victum Healthcare developments are all funded through private finance.

About meeting

Our Objectives

  • To provide good quality sustainable housing for people with disabilities.
  • To enhance peoples’ lives by providing them with quality accommodation.
  • To work closely with other agencies in providing vulnerable adults with the best possible opportunities for developing their knowledge, skills, responsibilities and life experiences.
  • To provide accommodation that suits the persons needs and enables them to live as independently in their home as they are able.
  • To work in conjunction with Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to respond to the local housing needs