Cobblestone Corner

In January of 2014 Verum Victum Healthcare (VVHC) were approached by Liverpool City Council and their nominated Housing Provider and asked to view Cobblestone Corner. The development had been ongoing for more than 2 years and due to a number of issues had finally stalled.

The deveopment was highlighted for occupancy for individuals with complex mental health needs, acquired brain and spinal injuries, and complex physical disabilities in need of support with their day to day living. A number of these individuals were currently living in accommodation completely inappropriate for their needs or care, and had been losing hope of ever seeing it completed.

The site is located in the heart of the community with close proximity to Liverpool City Centre and although its history is vague at best, we believe it began as a stable yard. The development required extensive refurbishment and would eventually consist of 10 one bedroomed apartments over 2 floors with accessible lift, and 2 semi detached bungalows.

VVHC assessed the site and found the standard of workmanship carried was very poor, however we agreed to take on the project with a promise to see it through to completion. Working from a predefined specification VVHC commenced construction with our own architects, surveyors and project managers in February of that year with a view to completing by the end of August.

Little did we realise there would be some significant structural redesign of the site required to ensure the safety and functionality for its proposed tenants. Apart from structural redesign there was also a redesign element to the layouts and technologies to provide future proofing for the tenants ongoing needs and accessibility.

In June 14 we felt it important to give assurances to those tenants who had waited hopefully for their new accommodation and we opened a safe area of the site to both themselves, their families and carers to view their prospective new homes. The event was very successful and any concerns or additional requirements were all noted and where possible VVHC agreed to make some adjustments to individual spaces, dependent on programme and cost agreements.

VVHC and their team worked very closely with the Council, the Registered Provider and the Carers to deliver the project at cost, much to the relief of the Council and the delight of the tenants, and were very pleased to hand the scheme over to the tenants in November of that year.

This project, from its inception prior to VVHC involvement, had taken nearly 3 years to come to fruition, VVHC were able to complete within 9 months of stepping in, despite the redesign and rectifications required and the addition of more modern technologies, and progress through to completion.

A selection of development photo's and final images are available in our Project Gallery.

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