Pensby Road

Pensby Road, Heswall, Wirral

In 2014 VVHC began discussions with Wirral Borough Council to develop a piece of land on Pensby Road. This had previously been an undeveloped piece of land sitting on a busy access route to Heswall Village on the corner of Pensby Road / Sandy Lane. The land contained a very dilapidated building and its grounds were overgrown and home to a number of wild animals including foxes and rhodents. VVHC have gone to great lengths to rid the land of its rhodent infestation and humanely rehouse the fox population prior to commencing the build.

It has taken almost 2 years, working with the Council to agree a design, obtain planning and tender the construction and it was with much delight that development broke ground this summer.

Frequently asked questions

The development is designed to provide 19 self contained supported living apartments for those adults requiring Extra Care.

Extra Care is for adults, young or old, who are perfectly able to look after themselves and live independently, however, they may not be so steady on their feet, they may have medical requirements which may require monitoring, or they may be prone to illness which they would need assistance with to continue to live independently.

In short this facility provides peace of mind for the tenants, for their families and helps local care and support teams to watch over their more vulnerable residents.

The residents intended for this facility are local people who currently live alone and do, or will, require some level of support to enable them to live independently for as long as possible.

VVHC are providing 1 bedroomed apartments over a total of three floors, each containing a lounge, dining area, kitchen, bedroom and wetroom. The apartments are designed to be light and airy, with enough space to accommodate wheelchairs should there be a need.

In addition to the apartments we are providing communal space in the form of a communal lounge with a brew station, a scheme office and overnight stay facility on the ground floor, and lift access to all floors.

The scheme will be equipped with the latest technology in terms of emergency call, assistive technology and security. Wirral Borough Council will partner with Inclusion Housing CiC, to ensure a safe and pleasant facility for each resident with assurance that should it be required, there would be trained staff onsite to address any issues and support the tenants.

The build is scheduled to complete in 2018. VVHC would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents local to the site in anticipation of their support and patience throughout the construction process.

Please see our Project Updates page for further details